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Tropical Soiree: Decor, Food & Activities

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

"Summer, summer, summer time..." Instagram has been blowing up my feed with tropical beach vacations. Yes, I am low key jealous, but you don't have to travel to the beach when you can create a beach paradise in your backyard. Plan a Tropical Soiree and make some memories with your family and friends. Not sure how to get started? Get your Tropical partyware at Adorn and go on an exotic adventure with the following party ideas:


This is the easy part especially with Adorn's Tropical partyware. Let us set the scene with our curated partyware bundle. Add personal DIY touches to elevate your party.

  • Add green leaves/vines as a centerpiece over Adorn’s table runner for an extra rainforest feel

  • Another centerpiece option is a clear round vase with water to about the middle of the vase and colorful flowers (i.e., magenta, yellow and purple) floating on top of the water.

  • You can simply have a variety of fruit as centerpieces, for décor that guests can eat! Or you can stick cheese and fruit skewers into a pineapple!

  • Leis! Have them for the guests to wear and as hanging or table décor

  • Tiki torches and string lights are additions that will definitely solidify a tropical vibe


Here are some food ideas to bring some tropical fun to your summer night soiree.

  • Shrimp and fish on the grill is sure to please the seafood lovers. Make grilled shrimp, bell pepper, and pineapple skewers or grilled shrimp and lime skewers for a tasty tropical delight. OR

  • Keep it simple with Hawaiian pizza! (if you are into that sort of thing)

  • Add mango or pineapple to guacamole for a tropical twist

  • Tropical alcoholic beverages i.e., Mai Tai, guava coconut rum cocktail, Margarita or simply Malibu and pineapple or nonalcoholic versions for the kids to enjoy

Follow along below to make this simple and tasty Spicy Mango Margarita!

Link to video

  • Tropical fruit favorites: watermelon, kiwi, and pineapple

  • Shaved ice with fruity flavors could be the perfect finish to your night!


  • Have guests wear tropical/Hawaiian attire and get their dance on to some fun tunes!

  • Tropical photo booth: Guests can capture memorable moments in their tropical wear and festive tropical fruit glasses from Adorn’s

Also get creative and make your own tropical photo props. You can print large colorful tropical images (e.g., flamingo, tropical drink, pineapple, aloha sign) and paste/tape each on a bamboo stick for guests to hold.

  • Tropical coloring pages for children

Whether a beach paradise is close or far away to you, remember you can always bring the beach to your family and friends with a little imagination, playfulness and Adorn’s curated party bundles!

Get inspired and celebrate summer!

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