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Top 10 Cakes of 2020

The year 2020 may not be so popular but these beautiful trendy cake designs are. Cakes are the timeless foundation for celebrating milestones such as birthdays, weddings and graduations. Finding ideas for that special occasion can lead to endless searching online which can be a huge headache. Instead, you can refer to this trendy list and make your cake the highlight of your celebration.

1. Ombré Cakes

Ombré cakes consist of a dark tone color at the bottom and become lighter towards the top. A perfect cake design for an elegant baby shower.

2. Fault Line Cakes

This type of cake is named after the fault line that is made in the middle. Some decorators leave the middle section in a different color or add sprinkles like this one. This trendsetter cake is sure to be the talk of your party.

3. Naked Cakes

Naked cakes have an elegant simplicity. Many clients want them with flowers and sometimes with some fresh fruit. A beautiful and chic cake for a bridal shower.

4. Mexican Fiesta Cakes

This type of cake is very popular especially because of its vibrant colors. Many events choose this joyful cake to be a centerpiece to their fiesta!

5. Textured Butter Cream Cakes

Textured buttercream is the design on the side of the cake. They vary on design based on the comb used to ice the cake. What a picturesque choice for a wedding.

6. Cupcake Cakes

Cupcakes are great for first year smash cakes to capture in a photoshoot. This fun design is sure to turn heads.

7. Piñata Surprise Cakes

Piñata cakes have a special treat inside the cake, just like piñatas do. SPRINKLES. This could be the perfect choice for gender reveal parties, designed with a blue or pink.

8. Unicorn Cakes

These cakes are always a treat for children, especially because you can customize to the colors you want. Have the centerpiece for your unicorn themed celebration.

9. Number Cakes

This style is very popular because of the ability to be able to customize to your needs, for example, favorite chocolate, flowers, etc. It can be done in numbers or letters.

10. Sprinkle Cakes

This style is amazing for almost any event - versatile and fun! The sprinkles on the side of the cake make it pop and is sure to put a smile on people's faces.

These popular cake trends for 2020 are so simple and fun; they will be the life of the party and delicious too. This list is by no means comprehensive but we hope it sparks ideas for your celebration.

For inquiries on these or other cake ideas you would like for your event, contact “Bake Me Happy” business owner Martiza Aguilar on INSTAGRAM: @bakemehappyyy

Maritza Aguilar - Guest Blogger

Los Angeles based Cake Artist

Bake Me Happy Owner

Loves to make people happy through baking

Overall fun, loving, and generous

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