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The Cutest Garden Tea Party

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Tea time is a good time! What I love most about tea parties is the versatility of this theme. It can be casual or as extravagant as you want. Tea parties can be the theme for fun play dates as well as the most royal celebration. This is definitely a favorite for a fabulous girls day or a mother daughter tea date. My daughter and I had the best time with this party set up - admiring all the lovely colors, partyware detail and tea party snacks.

See below for how to create the simplest, most elegant tea party ever!

What you need:

1. Flowers

Save money and gather fake or real flowers from around your house; embrace variations in flower type and color as this will add vibrancy to the setting. If you don't have much of a selection of flowers, try the dollar tree, Walmart, or Marshalls for cheaper options. We actually added the leaves to the balloon garland from a faux leaf bundle from Walmart that cost $3, and we only used about a fifth of the leaves from that bouquet.

2. Garden Tea Party bundle

Check off all the items you need with one of our party bundles. The Essentials bundle includes all basic items and tableware needed for your celebration. The Essential Plus bundle includes basics plus additional chic and unique decorations that are sure to dazzle your guests.

3. Table

If you have a lower table that’s perfect so you can sit picnic style or keep the table for holding the items and sit picnic style on a blanket. We didn’t have a lower table so my genius friend and Adorn co-owner Elizabeth came up with the idea to use our patio ottomans to bolster our standard folding table, which we left folded, and placed on top of the ottomans, one on each side underneath the table. This was the perfect height to sit at the table on pillows or small cushions. Depending on your comfort with grass, you may also want to lay a rug/sheet or blanket down before placing the table and pillows.

4. Food

A tea party is all about bite sized appetizers and desserts. The rose and flower plates in the Garden tea party are perfect for these treats. We used cookie cutters to make tuna & PBJ flower shaped sandwiches, as well as cucumber circular sandwiches with delicious Tillamook very veggie cream cheese spread. I like wheat bread so I used the Orowheat Sandwich Thins circular bread and also traditional white bread, which melts in your mouth with the cream cheese spread. The cucumber sandwiches had 5 layers, 3 slices of bread and cucumber in between. I left the skin on the cucumber - one, because I love cucumber and all its glory and second because I liked the color it added to the sandwich. I spread cream cheese on 1 side of each bread slice and that was a good balance.

Here are some other tea sandwich recipes to try.

Two delicious bite sized desserts are strawberry cheesecake strawberry bites and lemon buttercream cakes.

If you want a simpler array, try a variety of cookies and muffins as shown in the picture. Macarons and scones are a wonderful traditional tea party dessert to have as well.

5. Tea/Drinks

Not really a tea person? Drop the tea and have a garden party with the same airy and spirited vibe. You can serve pink lemonade, which really complements the decor, rose or mimosas.

6. Favors/small gifts

You can fill the satin 5x7inch party bags with candy, potpourri, a small lotion, soap or sanitizer for these COVID-19 times as a way to celebrate/thank your party guests.

This tea party can be hosted year round, but there is something particularly special about a springtime garden tea party. No matter the season, have fun and embrace the playfulness. Entertain with a Bridgerton theme or celebrate special occasions such as a bridal shower, baby shower, Mother’s Day, or birthday. We hope this inspires you to celebrate with your loved ones. If you are not the party planning/hosting type or you just want to save time, make it easy for yourself with Adorn parties in a box, conveniently curated for style and quality, delivered to your door for your special celebrations. Remember, there’s always a reason to celebrate. Enjoy nature, the décor, and most importantly your companions!


Check out all our party bundles here, and follow us on social (Pinterest, Facebook & IG) for more party inspo and tips @adorncelebration!

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