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The “Art” of Partying: How to Host an Art Party

Updated: May 20, 2020

Spring is here and summer is around the corner. There's no better time for an art party. Art is such a fun addition to a party or can even be a theme of its own. Part of the reason paint parties have gained popularity is that they are fun and engaging for all ages in addition to creating something you get to take with you. Essentially, the art is an activity, favor and décor all in one.

Hosting your very own art party can seem like a daunting task particularly if you don’t consider yourself as the “artsy” type. However, art parties are for everyone and hosting one is easier than you think. Here are steps to get you started.

The first steps to hosting your very own art party are:

Step 1. Decide if you want art as the main act or a supporting role. For example, are you throwing an art party or incorporating art to another celebration such as a birthday?

Step 2. Choose your methods or art modality. Feel free to have a combination. Options can include:

- Paint

              - Drawing

- Coloring

- Chalk

- Craft: collage, pottery, jewelry, etc.

ART TIP: The art selected does not have to be complex; sometimes laying out paper, coloring books, magazines and different tools (markers, colored pencils, paints) can be enough to elicit creativity. Allow your guests to freestyle.

Step 3. Purchase the art supplies, the fun part! SHOPPING TIP: For art supplies, check bargain stores (e.g., Dollar Tree & 99 Cent Stores) first. You may be able to get most or all art supplies there, especially if it is a kid party you're planning. Definitely, you'll be able to buy chalk, watercolor paint, paper, and color pencils. You might get lucky and find a cool craft or coloring books for younger kids related to the party theme or of your child's interest (if the party has no particular theme). I was able to find large Mandala poster coloring pages for a girls day in shindig. With this activity we bonded, created and relaxed. Setting the mood with décor: Shopping for the décor is my favorite part. Some décor to consider are mini easels, paint trays to hold small appetizers or dips, and the ultimate pop will be the art supplies displayed, your "art table" or "design studio". The best part about art party décor is the color. Utilize a variety of colors and bold tones if you want.

STYLE TIP: Don't mix pastel with neon!

Art parties are about eliciting creativity from your guests, having guests engage in an activity and having fun! Keep it lite – ensure guests they can do no wrong and encourage experimentation.

- Adorn Team Member

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*Coming soon: Adorn’s related blog in our Twin blog series, 5 Unique Art Parties.

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