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Sprinkles Party Ideas

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Live life with Sprinkles! A Sprinkles party is such a fun & colorful way to celebrate an occasion. Nowadays, you can buy sprinkles in all different colors, shapes and sizes making a Sprinkles party a versatile way to celebrate birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers and more. Inspired by our Sprinkles party bundle, we wanted to dream up some fun party ideas for you. See below 3 different party set ups you can create with this Sprinkles-themed celebration.

1. Ice Cream Party

I scream, you scream, we ALL scream for an ice cream party! Have a lovely and delicious ice cream party with the Sprinkles party bundle. We have all the essentials for you, including plates, cups, napkins, utensils and décor. You can focus on adding your own personal touch with some DIY centerpieces. Try ice cream cone balloons and a sprinkles mason jar centerpiece as shown in picture above. I also like the idea of adding decorative paper sprinkles on the balloon ice cream cone OR get inspo from these ideas: flower cone or parfait bouquet.

For a WOW factor, rent an ice cream truck for an hour or two! Some neighborhood ice cream trucks do this, or you can go with a local ice cream catering company, like in Southern California.

If it’s not in your budget to rent an ice cream service or you prefer your own menu, keep the food simple with some sandwiches, pasta salad or pizza as the main course along with a few favorite appetizers because let’s face it – the dessert will be the star of this soiree! Have fun providing a variety of popsicles and/or ice cream bar toppings for sundaes.

Ice cream bar on Pinterest

Ice Cream Party Activities to try:

  • Make your own frozen treat: You can provide 3-4 fruit juice flavors & a few different fruit (e.g., peaches/strawberries) sliced for guests to choose their favorite or make a tasty combo. Put desired juice & fruit in a popsicle mold and freeze. For a variety of tasty and healthy popsicle recipes, click here. Frozen treat creations will need to start early for party guests to enjoy their this dessert during the party. You can keep the fruit and juice fresh by placing them in a dish/bucket with ice, and then freeze right away.

  • For a more playful freezer activity, freeze small items (e.g., small figurines, cars) the night before the party and have a contest for who can unfreeze them first.

  • Water play - balloon toss (start close in distance to other players & toss the balloon; continue to move farther back each round; whoever drops the balloon/gets splashed is out), pool time, sprinkler play, and/or water gun fight

  • Freeze game - play music and whenever it stops everyone must stand in place. Whoever moves is out. Last one standing in place wins!

2. Donut party

For the donut lovers and bakers out there, get creative and have a donut party where the guests can make their own donut. This can be for a playdate, girls’ day, family fun night, or a special occasion like a birthday. First, get the Adorn Sprinkles décor to set the table for indulging in this delicious dessert.

Next, identify a recipe for everyone to follow (allow freestyling for the comfortable bakers).

Click here for DONUT RECIPE

For those less comfortable with baking there is also the option of purchasing plain donuts and having your guests glaze them and decorate them with sprinkles. For a grand display and lots of fun, present a variety of toppings: frosting/glaze (with different piping bags and tips if you’d like), cereal (fruity pebbles, fruit loops, cocoa krispies), and sprinkles of course for your guests to enjoy.

3. Baby Cakes Party

Decorate your own cupcake or small Bundt cake. Bypass the baking at the party and have premade cupcakes or mini Bundt cakes (bought or homemade) for each guest to decorate. I strongly believe Bundt cakes are all the rage, so fluffy, moist and delicious. On my birthday I requested a chocolate Bundt cake from our local shop. Never disappoints.

Toppings to include: frosting (different piping bags and tips or a knife to spread), fruit like strawberries or blueberries, small candies (e.g., M&Ms, chocolate chips, gummy bears) or cookies (e.g., oreos, vanilla wafers), and that’s right you guessed it – sprinkles!!

Check out for 4 different ways to frost a cupcake! Cake decorating is always so fun, and rewarding when you get to eat your own creations😊

Sprinkles does not have to just be for ice cream. You can have sprinkles as a part of any of your favorite desserts or combine your favorite desserts in 1 party. How adorable would it be to have a donut wall, sprinkles cake or confetti cake topped with sprinkles, and an ice cream bar with sprinkles. All this deliciousness atop Adorn’s lovely pastel blue tablecloth with a fun and colorful selection of balloons (6-foot garland with Essentials Plus bundle), party crowns, cups, candles and more to adorn the celebration. And the ice cream truck as the perfect decoration, holding 12 ice cream cups for some delicious treats. Beware of the sugar high likely to occur. Don’t say I didn’t warn you😊

These Sprinkle party ideas can happen in any season and you can truly make it your own. Sprinkles equal fun times, so get creative and allow us to curate your party while you make great memories with your family and friends.

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We Curate, You Celebrate!

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