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Mermaid Magic

What do you do when your friend says? "Friend!!! I desperately need birthday ideas for Liv. She still thinks a party is happening despite me explaining that it's probably not gonna happen. We just don't want to completely break Olivia’s almost-five-year-old heart.”

My friend needed some mermaid magic to make her little girl’s birthday special when COVID-19 threw a wrench into their plans. I decided Adorn could sponsor this little beauty’s birthday to help put a smile on her face and keep the magic of childhood going during social distancing. Unfortunately, this family couldn't party at the pool as planned, but they could still celebrate "under the sea".

Adorn collections of chic partyware designed for the busy, working individual who wants quality but doesn't have time to shop around was perfect for this working mom of 5. We created Adorn to give parents convenience, style, and efficiency because we know you already have a lot on your plates. Our themed bundles are complete with tableware, décor, chic designs, color and fun!

Mermaid Tablescape & Party Tips

Today’s blog is all about the sparkling splash this Mermaid party made for the birthday girl and her family. Check out the details of this full party bundle offered here. The bundled party made it so fun and easy to style this tablescape. For added under the sea vibes, we hung the star balloons in a fish net. You could also add a fish net runner over the kraft runner for more under the sea elements and layers on the table. Another tip: We added a sparkly plate on top of the clear cake stand for a sparkling pop. You can place any color plate of your choice on top of a standard cake stand assuming the shape and size match for a uniform look.

This color combination is one of my favorites and fun for all sea lovers. Mint, coral, pastels, and more. Yes!! The iridescent plates, cups and favor boxes are a match made in mermaid heaven. The kraft runner mimicking sand brings out the playfulness of this theme, and if you are feeling adventurous you can add real sand on top of this runner.

Mermaid Party DIY

The other standout elements of this table setting are the DIY centerpieces. I love centerpieces. It’s my opportunity to give a personal touch and have some fun with creativity. I kept passing the teal bottle (on the left) in my house and it was giving me mermaid vibes. I had recently viewed some net adorned centerpieces on Pinterest, and knew a net would give the right look for this Mermaid soiree. My friend and Adorn co-founder created the other lovely centerpiece to the right. If you love centerpieces like me, you likely can’t get enough of mason jars. (Stay tuned for an upcoming Adorn blog with details on how to create this centerpiece and other mason jar themed centerpieces).

I love that the mom of the birthday girl chose a small cake and homemade cupcakes (not pictured) for this intimate quarantine soiree. Practical chic is always the way to go! She also found the perfect mermaid sprinkle mix for the cake and cupcakes (shown below, 3rd photo).

Because I know my friend is crafty and creative I also shared other Mermaid party inspiration. I directed her to check out some activities, food and crafts pinned on Adorn's Pinterest page, @adorncelebration (Party Inspiration - mermaid board). See below a few of my favorites and click the pictures to link to these fun ideas.

Since this little mermaid couldn’t make a splash in the pool like she loves to do (because of COVID-19 social distancing), adding themed snacks and activities to Adorn’s memorable decor and party favors was sure to make her day extra special.

Shell-ebrate Good Times!

This shell-ebration was shared with a few family members and lots of love. Themed birthday gifts were a fun bonus for this mermaid princess, like the birthday dress below especially made for Olivia and the mermaid swimsuit she also received.

The birthday girl’s mom expressed with gratitude to Adorn that the party was “adorable and simple, more than I thought it would be from the pics” and “easy enough to assemble".

Simple, chic, and convenient is perfect for the ready to party birthday star and preoccupied parent trying to make the birthday star’s wishes come true:)

What’s your favorite part of this Mermaid party? Let us know on Adorn social (IG, Pinterest, Facebook): @adorncelebration

Celebrate in style #adorncelebration

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