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Last minute bash — Quarantine edition!

When it comes to celebrating special moments, this current social distancing time has really made us question whether parties are out the window for 2020, and has forced us to tap into our careful yet creative side of party planning. It becomes even more challenging if you have loved ones like mine — who decide last minute to get together for those yearly celebrations. What’s a gal to do? If you’re the hard core planner like me, and are faced with hosting a last minute celebration, here are some ideas for making it as innovative as you can during this social distancing time, with little prep time and with safety and distance in mind:

1. Al fresco brunch bagel bar!

Brunching is in. Invite your closest friends and family. Set up a table outside in your yard or on your patio. Decorate with fresh flowers and a fresh fruit bowl guests can grab from. Consider a “bagel bar”, with a variety of cream cheese and toppings like eggs, bacon, and veggies for bagel sandwiches!

You can add an easy side like a fruit salad. Don’t forget the mimosas. Set up orange juice, cranberry juice or any other favorite juice to pair with a splash of champagne. This is a great option for a last minute bash that's a little fancy too.

2. Picnic style

If you want a quick get together that may reduce guests lingering or the need to prep a lot of food — consider a “snack time get-together” picnic. Use the space outside of your home, or a nearby park to spread out some blankets. Bring sandwiches, fruit, and pasta salad for easy prep ahead of time. Consider bringing a soccer or volleyball to add a fun element that everyone can enjoy.

3. Hiking potluck charcuterie

Some of you may think I am crazy for suggesting a party that involves exercise; you may even think that's not a party at all. But these times call for creative ways to connect with our loved ones. Hiking is not only good for you but it's easy to practice social distancing with others while doing it. Select an easy hiking trail. Assign each person one item to bring. For example, one person can bring cheese; others can bring crackers, and another some fancy cured meats. Don't forget fruit and nuts and there you have it, your very own charcuterie. You are able to enjoy all of this food with your hands or toothpicks. Voila!

4. Arts and crafts party

Grab your kids’ chalk and create beautiful celebratory artwork on the sidewalks! Throw in some bubble bottles for everyone to enjoy. And maybe even a game of BINGO (which can totally be pulled off at a distance). Another craft can involve decorating rocks if you have some paint lying around.

For something edible you can decorate cookies. These are great ways to celebrate a birthday. Bring the party to your special birthday person!

For more art party ideas and planning suggestions, check out Adorn’s art party blogs, The “Art” of Partying: How to Host an Art Party & 5 Unique Art Parties.

I believe most may share my sentiment that this time apart has made us really cherish the importance of togetherness and celebrations, possibly more than ever! If we are open to adapting to new ways of gathering and celebrating, while prioritizing safety, these parties may turn out to be quite the much needed highlights of our 2020 experience.


Karla Gonzalez-Penaflor - Guest Blogger

Mental Health Therapist, Owner of The Healing Space (Los Alamitos, CA)

Bilingual Author (Children’s Book Martita Y La Maquina de Coser Magica)

Kind & Passionate Mom of 2

Brilliant, generous, fun, loving person

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