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How to Throw a Pinterest Worthy Party

I love to celebrate. The big things. The little things. I think that everything deserves a little or a lot of celebration. We can all agree that we are all busy people, so when I celebrate I by no means reinvent the wheel. I go straight to Pinterest.

Pinterest basics: For those unfamiliar with Pinterest; just imagine a heaven where you can browse through almost any magazine you ever wanted. Like google, you search for images or items you want. Unlike google, these images are stylish and you can organize them into customized files and save them for later. Like other social media outlets you can follow people and send each other private messages. Unlike other social media outlets, there are ONLY images and no personal nor political opinion posts. Pinterest is a place to get some inspiration and for me personally a way to stir up my excitement for my celebration du’jour.

Maximizing Pinterest: I tend to lean on the “extra” side and I like to have a theme or a color palette to start. I Pin anything and everything that I love for the first few minutes. Then, I spend the next few days going through the pins and taking note of the specific things I like in the pin, as well as deleting a lot of pins. I do this until I have about 5-10 pins left.

Yes, I am a pin copycat. They say imitation is the best form of flattery so I copy. Copy. Copy.

I like to keep it simple. Copy the pin. Remove the guesswork, and on the day of the event, I don’t force myself to make something work; if it’s not working I take my supplies and reuse them somewhere else or, I simply move on.

Be practical: To cut costs and be mindful of my budget, I tend to keep in mind the season. If we’re near Valentine’s day, I may choose a reddish theme or, if we’re in July, I may pick an ice cream theme so I can reuse the supplies for other events whenever possible. I want to always make sure my ideas are beautiful but easy enough that I can find supplies nearby.

My guests don't know I copied pins. All they see are chic and creative ideas.

All in all, there is no shame in my game. I think that there are a lot of creative people out there and I am not afraid to borrow from the creative pot. I keep it simple, and most of all make sure I take time to celebrate the actual occasion!

See pictures below from my last copycat celebration, Peter Pan theme.


Copy Cat

Enjoy your Pinterest worthy party!

Suzy Gunn - Guest Blogger

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Hostess with the most-ess

Incredible human being

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