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Holiday Charcuterie (shar-koo-teh-ree)

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

If you are like me, you probably have trouble pronouncing this word (shar-koo-teh-ree). So, I thought I would be helpful and spell it phonetically, but also show you how to arrange an easy charcuterie board this holiday!

Charcuteries are easier than you think and if done right can make a real statement about your level of fanciness. I would even go as far as to say that arranging a charcuterie board may be an adulting milestone. So, let's get started.

You need a place to put all the yummy goods. For best results use a flat surface. Ideally a wooden cutting board or large serving tray. You can also use a ceramic dish if large and mostly flat. Here are some board ideas: pizza pan, cutting board, serving tray, large ceramic plate, or even a flat wooden chalk board.

You may also want to consider having small forks or toothpicks to avoid anyone touching the food with their hands.

Once you have chosen your surface. It's time to go grocery shopping. Some standard items to include in a charcuterie board are cheese, crackers, cured meats, and fruit. If you do these items alone you will have a great board. Let's break down the foods typically included in a charcuterie board.

Cheese selection

You want to include three cheese varieties, but you can do more. You can keep it simple with the fan favorites such as cheddar, pepper jack, and provolone. Or you can go more fancy with some aged white cheddar, brie, or smoked gouda. For more exotic cheese lovers you can add some warmed goat cheese, blue cheese, or Muenster.

Cured meats

Apparently, there are lots of different cured meats to choose from. Here are some typical ones used. But to see more options, click here.

  • Prosciutto

  • Salami

  • Pepperoni

Gourmet Crackers/ bread

Include a variety of crackers, pretzels or you can opt for sliced baguette.

  • Slice baguette diagonally and add some olive oil and salt to taste. Toast in the oven for 400 degrees for 11 minutes or until browned.


Grapes are great tasting and great looking. Strawberries also go great with cheese, but really any berry will do. You can include dried fruits such as apricots, cranberries, or figs. Sliced apples are incredible with some cheeses too, like white cheddar and warmed goat cheese.

Other fan favorites:

Pickled items such as olives or baby dill pickles, nuts and seeds.


For seasonal charcuterie boards add something that is festive, such as candy corn (if you don't hate them) or pumpkin seeds for Thanksgiving. You can add Rosemary and cherries for Christmas or even candy canes.

Also, how fun to make a charcuterie board for kids! Look at this cute board my business partner did for Thanksgiving! Inspired by Back Roads of Life and The Baker Mama found on Pinterest.

What about vegans?

You can include all the items mentioned except for cheese and meats. There are some good alternative cheeses you may like, but you can also make it more veggie and dip based. Check out this amazing vegan charcuterie board.

Remember it's edible art, so you want to include different colored foods, and a variety of snacks. Encourage mix and matching. Maybe place some items you think would taste great together. Also, the more the merrier so the fuller the board the better it looks and the more food to enjoy. Have some fun with it; it's art after all.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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