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Heart Piñata Wand (Visual Tutorial)

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Make your Valentine's a festive celebration with this heart piñata wand. It's a fun way to get creative with Valentine's day treat gifting. Check out the below pictured steps and tips to make this heart piñata wand as a gift or to enjoy at home.

What you’ll need: cardboard (we cut an Amazon box), clear glue or mod podge, glitter, glitter glue, ribbon, paper straw or (skewer stick), scissors, hot glue, felt, felt stickers (optional), “love” heart embellishment (or embellishments of your choice)


Tips (lessons learned): 1. Be neat with hot gluing or use fine tip hot glue gun (as glue bumps will show when using glitter. 2. You can use paper for the sides instead of glitter, but I wanted glam. 3. Use a brush (larger than one shown) to spread clear glue for affixing the glitter. It's okay to add more glue and glitter on top of already glittered areas in places you may want it, so the amount of glitter is consistent across. 4. Be sure to secure the paper straw from outside and inside. A stick will be sturdier.


Gift your little one, friends, or use it as table décor for your Valentine’s festivities. (Valentine Craft party shown below).

Friends said we she call it heart-ñata or the giving heart. What would you call it? Share your ideas with us! And if you like to get crafty and want your creations showcased, message us on this website or social @adorncelebration to be featured on our blog.

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