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Gifting with love

The holiday season is in full swing. It won't be long before we are opening gifts under the Christmas tree and eating loads of carbs. Shopping for gifts year after year can become generic and repetitive for giftee and gifter alike. But no worries, here are some tips for gifting meaningful gifts for your loved ones that show them you care.

Gifting may seem like just one more thing on our long to-do list, but trust me, gratitude gifting is worth it. Simply stated, giving feels good. These tips make giving that much easier and gifting does not have to break the bank. Here are a few awesome ways to demonstrate love and appreciation to your awesome network of support this holiday.

3 Tips to Make Your Gift Personal and Special

1. Be observant of your giftee to really know their likes and interests. This is where being inconspicuously nosey comes in handy! My mother has started a gardening hobby during quarantine, and has been extremely helpful to my family. Thanking her with a small aloe vera plant was a must. Plants are not only for green thumbs though; many people can appreciate a potted succulent, or potted flowers. Preview of the second tip, for added personalization you may want to include one of their favorite quotes and or your own encouraging words on the pot. You can stencil the words if you don't like your own handwriting. So ask yourself: What does my loved one like to do for fun? What does my loved one really care about? What makes my loved one smile? And go with that!

2. Personalize when possible. This requires that you plan ahead, but don't worry, this is a tip within a tip! Online boutiques that personalize, like Etsy, have really fast production time frames, so give yourself 1-2 weeks. When you have taken the time to engrave, have a shirt or face mask printed with your loved ones’ name or favorite quote you will instantly earn swoon points. I have a great girlfriend who loves all things rose gold like me, so gifting her a rose gold bracelet was sure to put a smile on her face. Remember, when in doubt put their name on it! Here's an image of a personalized bracelet set found on Pinterest via Etsy:

3. Package your gift with love. For inexpensive packaging consider going to your local dollar store. Many people end up tossing the gift bag or wrapping paper and the moola you would spend on this may be better spent on the gift itself. I love a great bargain and most dollar stores have all you'll need to package your gift with a few dimes. Consider using colorful tissue paper, ribbon, yarn, or brown butcher paper. For those not accustomed to using brown butcher paper, this may not sound attractive at first but it makes for a rustic chic look when paired with a colorful ribbon, or like in this picture a dried herb. You can write a special message on the wrapping itself and/or draw a cute picture.

This year has been challenging for many; these hardships make the people that truly matter stand out above the crowd. That is why this year especially I want my loved ones to know how much they mean to me. Saying "thank you" to those who have gone above and beyond to help, serve, and encourage us may not quite seem like enough. Gifting doesn't have to be another thing to stress you out. Remember OPP (no, not the Naughty by Nature song!): Observe, Personalize, and Package. Feel free to try these tips and make them your own. Please, please share your own Thank You gift tips with us (comment on this blog, Adorn social media or message us). Thanks for reading!

Stacy McCall-Martin - Guest Blogger

Shining light where ever she goes, Stacy is a Therapist, Christian, wife, mom of 5, DIY Queen & ultimate planner of all things fun!

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