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Friendsgiving brunch

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Holidays may be different this year, but there is always a reason to celebrate with your favorite gals and guys. I mean you don't need to give a brunch lover an excuse to eat. But if you are looking for an excuse then Thanksgiving provides it. Keeping social distance in mind, invite only your closest friends to an al fresco brunch in your patio, rooftop or backyard space. Here is how to host a thanksgiving leftovers brunch soiree!

Decorating the space:

  1. Select outside space: You can select any private outdoor space available to you. For me, my outside patio is where I would host my Friendsgiving brunch.

  2. Dress your dining table: Make sure you have a family style table with enough chairs for your guests. I brought my actual dining table outside and placed a disposable table cover for easy cleanup. However, you can dress up the table a little bit with a more decorative runner such as a lace or vinyl runner.

  3. Bring the indoors to your outdoor brunch: Bring elements from inside the home to the outside to make it more inviting and comfortable. For example, curtains and pillows. In my case I even brought a large decorative divider outside to add charm and create more privacy. The curtain or tents can have a similar effect of making space more private and cozy.

  4. Keep your guests cozy and warm: Consider the weather; if it's cold you can provide blankets, and even rent heaters for the day. Consider including a warm drink as well, such as a hot cider, or tea.

  5. Natural rustic elements: Nothing like fresh or dried flowers, baby pumpkins and other autumn vegetables as a table centerpiece. Also, pine cones, branches and leafs can provide a rustic natural element that reminds all of us it's FALL. This is the holiday where food can be decorative so use it to your full advantage!

  6. Food set up: Consider having the food buffet inside the home to keep warm and keep the flies away. If you have chafing dishes with warmers, even better.

  7. Personalize it: Consider adding small details such as handwritten place cards with your guests’ name and one reason you are thankful to have them in your life.

*For partyware, shop Adorn’s beautiful bundles to make it easy to plan and clean up without sacrificing style. Pictured above is our Pop Champagne soiree, also check out our Boho Chic soiree bundle to fit the rustic vibe of Thanksgiving or Congratulations soiree for a pop of teal and gold.

Thanksgiving Brunch Ideas

Ask your friends to bring their thanksgiving leftovers and transform it for brunch. They can bring the leftovers and you can prepare a brunch meal at your home. Or you can have them prepare it ahead of time.

  1. Thanksgiving Frittata: Make a yummy stuffing and turkey frittata. I love frittatas! Not only are they easy, but they have a fancy name. The word frittata on its own is sure to impress people. Frittatas are great for ingredients you have in your kitchen that you don't know exactly what to do with. Here is a frittata recipe to help you get started, but remember you can add any ingredient that you like.

  2. Breakfast Burrito: This one is a no brainer; make a breakfast burrito with your leftover potatoes, ham, and egg. You can also do a turkey, potato, egg and salsa burrito.

  3. Eggs Benedict: Maybe you're an eggs benedict fan. Consider pairing your leftover biscuits, ham or turkey and gravy instead of hollandaise. Fairly easy to prepare. Make sure your biscuit is warmed and toasted. Add a slice of ham and tomato and top with desired amount of gravy. Garnish with dill for freshness. OR here is another eggs benedict recipe.

  4. Jalapeno Cheese Cornbread Waffle: For those willing to try something new, make a savory and sweet dish with this cornbread waffle recipe. Delicious!


Mimosas are classic for brunch. Also, consider these other options:

Bloody Mary and Cider Cocktail.

Thankful activity

Ask each guest to write something they are thankful for on a small piece of paper. Everyone places their paper in a jar. Before dinner each guest can pick an anonymous thankful note from the jar that they read out loud. To make a game out of this, each guest can guess who wrote what note - listing all names on 1 sheet (in order of the notes read) and revealing the answers after all notes are read to see who matched the most notes to the right person.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday - it truly is about spending time with and appreciating your favorite people. Any excuse to extend the celebration works for me! We hope you are able to safely gather with family and friends this holiday for some good food, fun, laughter, and peace.

Happy Thanksgiving!

CHEER up with Adorn!

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