EASY QUICK Mason Jar Centerpieces

We are in the era of DIY (Do it yourself). There are so many tutorials and blogs that guide you through beautiful lofty projects; the problem is who has the time? But DIY does not have to take much effort, just some initiative and creativity. Here are some simple mason jar centerpiece ideas to incorporate in your next party.

Why a mason jar, you may ask. It’s because they are a common item we all have around the house, just check your pantry. Marinara sauce jars are perfect. Also, it's easy to decorate them and even just one on a table can make a party shine.

Here are instructions to create 6 different centerpieces for these common party themes: Unicorn, Carnival, Ice cream, Mermaid, Pirates, and Space.

*When starting any project with a mason jar, you want to make sure you have fully emptied the contents of the jar and washed the mason jar inside and out. Sometimes the jars have packaging labels that are difficult to remove. Try running the jar under hot water for a few minutes and scrubbing the label off with a sharp object such as a knife or fork. Rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover is a great softener as well for sticky tags.

Unicorn Mason Jar centerpiece

Materials needed: mason jar, white paint, medium paint brush, black sharpie, three paper or

fabric flowers, index cards, tape, gold glitter tinsel pipe cleaners, hot glue gun with glue fills

DIY Steps:

  1. Remove the lid from the jar, and paint the glass jar (you can use your preferred paint, acrylic or tempera). You will need to paint at least three coats on the jar. Let dry. Spray paint may be your easiest option.

  2. Once the paint is dry, draw some lids and eyelashes on the jar. Do it with pencil first. Once you are ready, draw lids and eyelashes with a black sharpie.

  3. Now add the flowers to the jar lid. For fabric synthetic flowers, you may need to shorten the stems and tape the shortened stems together. Hot glue the flowers to the edge of the jar lid toward the face of the unicorn.

  4. The unicorn horn is made with an index card, tape and gold glitter tinsel pipe cleaners. Roll up the index card with one side wider than the other like a horn. Make sure one side of the index card has a sharp end. I cut mine slightly for a sharper look. Then when it looks like a horn, tape it together. The fun part is rolling the gold glitter tinsel pipe cleaner around the index card until completely covered.

  5. The final step is to hot glue the horn on the back of the flowers, resembling the horn of a unicorn.

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Circus Mason Jar Centerpiece

Materials needed: mason jar, bag of peanuts, red and white stripe decorative paper, small elephant toy figurine, and hot glue

Optional: gold spray paint for elephant figurine.

DIY Steps:

  1. Start by removing the jar lid from the mason jar. Hot glue figurine to the lid. If you decide to paint the figurine please do so before hot gluing on the jar. Press elephant down to reinforce the lid.

  2. Cut the red and white striped paper into long (enough to fit around the jar where you place it) one and a half inch wide strips.

  3. Hot glue the striped paper on the lid. I chose to place it toward the top of the jar. Placing it around the top and bottom of the jar is an option.

  4. Hot glue the striped paper on the lid. I chose to place it toward the top of the jar. Placing it around the top and bottom of the jar is an option.

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Picture by Meri Meri

Ice Cream Mason Jar Centerpiece

Materials needed: mason jar, variety of favorite sprinkles and other ice cream toppings, small marshmallows, gummy bears, chocolate chips and gumballs, ice cream stickers to put on the jar for an added decoration, small ice cream foam toy, a scooping spoon.

DIY Steps:

  1. Fill the jars with your favorite colorful ice cream toppings. Don't be afraid to mix some toppings with one another for added visual interest. You do not have to fill the jars to the top. I filled this one three quarters up.

  2. Next, add decorative stickers to the outside of the jar. You can find these at any general department store or craft store; I bought mine at the Michael’s crafts store.

  3. I found a small ice cream foam top that I thought was perfect to glue on a scooping spoon handle for added décor. Of course, if you are unable to find a foam ice cream toy, you can certainly just add a cut out of an ice cream picture on thick paper and glue on the handle of the spoon.

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Mermaid Mason Jar Centerpiece

Materials needed: mason jar, small white seashells, tinted sand (blue or any preferred color), Optional: gold sequin star confetti, small plastic mermaid figurine.

DIY Steps:

  1. Fill the mason jar with a tinted blue sand about halfway. Add sequin stars (optional).

  2. Then fill the rest of the jar with small sea shells. I think they look particularly beautiful with white Seashells as it creates a nice contrast from the sand.

  3. I glued one seashell on top of the lid, but other ideas are to include a small mermaid figurine on the lid, or a small starfish.

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Pirates Mason Jar Centerpiece

Materials needed: mason jar, chocolate or toy gold coins and decorative pearls, paper for sail (I used white and red paper), one skewer stick

Optional: small treasure chest

DIY Steps:

  1. Fill the jar with a combination of gold coins and decorative pearls near the top of the jar.

  2. Take your chosen paper and cut into 2 by 2.5 inch rectangle.

  3. Cut two small holes through paper to insert wooden skewer.

  4. Insert finished sail into the jar.

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Space Mason Jar Centerpiece

Materials needed: mason jar, gumballs (variety of colors to match the space theme), small spaceship to, hot glue.

DIY Steps:

  1. Insert assorted gumballs into the jar.

  2. Hot glue spaceship onto the lid of the jar.

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For any one of these mason jars, you can add a personal detail, for example the guest of honor's name with letter stickers, a sticker label, or a strip of paper with the name written on it (taped/glued to the jar).

Hope that this blog post has provided you with ideas for your next celebration. Don't fret if your party theme is not included; this blog is meant to inspire initiative and creativity in