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DIY Sugar Skull Piñata inspired by Dia de los muertos

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Dia de los muertos is typically celebrated in Mexico over the span of two days, Nov 1st and 2nd. On Dia de los muertos or Day of the Dead, relatives honour the memory of their deceased loved ones by creating an altar or “Ofrenda.” These beautifully adorned “ofrendas” can include a picture of your beloved relative, lit candles, traditional Day of the Dead flowers (marigolds), personal items of the deceased loved one and sometimes their favorite food. This special celebration invites those who have passed away to celebrate with us on Dia de los muertos. It is a beautiful tribute to the legacy of those that have come and gone and reminds all of us that as long as we are remembered we are never really gone.

Inspired by Dia de los muertos, we have created a Sugar Skull Soiree collection we hope brings joy. See the full collection here:

Sugar Skull Piñata

Although trick or treating is not really a tradition in Dia de los muertos, a fun way to get candy involved in a Dia de los muertos celebration is a sugar skull piñata. Try this cute piñata tutorial and fill it with your favorite candy.

Piñata Making and Breaking:

Piñata Materials needed: 1 or 2 medium cardboard boxes, sharp scissors, hot glue gun or duct tape, tissue paper, construction paper, permanent marker/sharpie, white glue, large paint brush, colorful pipe cleaner, small pom poms


  1. Find a flat side of a box, approximately 20 inches in length by 15 inches.

  2. Cut the skull shape out from the cardboard box. Do the same thing to another part of the box. You should have two skull shapes in total, one for the back and front of the piñata.

  3. Assemble the other parts of cardboard to create a rectangular box to fit in between the skull cut outs. You can hot glue or tape the box to create a rectangular box with a small 4 inch slit to add candy in later.

  4. Paste the front shape of the skull in front of the flat longest part of the rectangle box. Place the second shape on the other side of the box, like a sandwich.

  5. Draw the skeleton eyes, nose on black construction paper and cut it out. Draw the skull’s teeth on a white construction paper and cut it out. You can cut two sets for both sides of the piñata.

  6. Next add white glue with a small amount of water and mix well. With a paint brush, stick the 4inch white tissue squares on the skull. Paste until the skull front and back is covered with tissue paper and is completely white. The tissue paper will be wet at first so let dry before continuing to the next step.

  7. Stick the eyes, nose and mouth on the skull with hot glue.

  8. Then the fun part, decorate the skull with pom poms and pipe cleaner.

  9. Add colorful tissue strips on the sides of the box, and fringe cut.

  10. Make a couple of tissue flowers to place on top. Simple tutorial:

  11. Make sure your box has an open slit to add candy in and don't forget to seal it with tape before the breaking of the piñata.

I really liked how the piñata turned out. I almost felt it was too pretty to break. I look forward to incorporating this piñata and DIY project to my Dia de los muertos celebration. This beautiful Mexican tradition teaches all of us a way to honour those we have loved and lost with deep affection, food, music, and complete joy!

Learn more about Dia de los muertos

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