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DIY Balloon Garland Tips

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Want a beautiful balloon garland to elevate your party décor? Well here’s your chance! Adorn is excited to offer themed balloon garland collections. With no additional fee we have included 20 additional balloons with each Essentials Plus party bundle, making it a total of 40 balloons. The 40 balloons can make a 6-foot balloon garland (measured using a balloon strip). Follow the below instructions to make a pop over your party backdrop or table décor with our themed balloon collections.

We have a confession - we were actually intimidated by balloon garlands. Seriously. We knew it was a trend gaining traction, but we put off giving it much attention as long as we could. When we continued to see how much it adds to the décor in party pictures we finally decided to try one. Also, a balloon pump sounded like a good idea, and Amazon had lots of options with the balloon garland kit. We purchased an electric balloon pump and balloon decorating strip kit. Both are great products and awesome deals. Adorn’s first balloon garland was for Halloween, and we were hooked! Something about coordinating the colors on this self-created garland was definitely fun for a couple of DIY party lovers. Since October 2020, we have put together 5 balloon garlands. The best part is they last so long; the Adorn balloons stay inflated awhile with air (at least a few weeks). You may not believe this, but the black balloons from the October garland stayed up for the New Year garland. A friend who purchased one of our bundles for New Year’s even texted me, “how are these balloons still still not flat?” lol.

The best part - creating a garland is actually simple. So, we wanted to share tips with you so you can dive in and stop putting off this amazing decorative piece like we did. See below for materials needed and video tutorials for a few different methods.

What you’ll need:

  1. Balloons (included with your Adorn party bundles)

  2. Air pump (recommended)

  3. Wall hooks to hang the garland

  4. Balloon garland strip, fishing line, or another string

See below link for simple, quick balloon tutorials & create your garland with minimal effort!

With strip

With string

Detailed instructions with fishing line here.

We have to admit - we have not tried the string or fishing line, but the videos really break it down and make it look easy. We can attest to the balloon strip - super simple! One key take-away is to blow up balloons at varying sizes. We didn’t do that as thoughtfully the first couple of times and there’s nice aesthetic appeal to the size variety. Color patterns are a great way to start. But you can also just put balloons together randomly and see what look you create. The awesome thing with a balloon strip is you can reorganize the balloons - just take a balloon out of one hole and place it into another.

Enjoy our upgraded bundles and shop your next party here.

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