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Camp Out at Home!

Camping season is upon us. For some this may be met with excitement for spending time in the great outdoors, campfires, hiking and making memories with family. For others, camping season may connotate discomfort of great proportions; bugs, unpredictable weather, no wi-fi, and a questionable toilet situation to name a few. The good news is, whether you are a camper or glamper, you can camp at home and capture some of the magic of camping. Ashley, self described "boy momx2, teacher, iced coffee addict" @ashleyn.rivera shows us how she was able to create a fun camp party at home!

Do you want to experience camping without leaving the comfort of your own home? We did just that and it was a hit.

I used the “Happy Camper” bundle for décor from Adorn to bring this dream to life.

Here are a few ideas to make camping at home a success!

1. Set up a tent using sheets

2. Have flashlights or star projectors

Flashlight Activities: Popsicle Stick Led Flashlight Summer Stem Activity | Fun-Loving Families Flashlight Fort | Sunny Day Family Ocean Life Shadow Puppet Show | Adventure in a Box Dinosaur Shadow Puppets | Rainy Day Mum Space Themed Shadow Puppets | J4Daniel’s Mom Flashlight Hide-and-Seek | Toddler Approved DIY Bat-Signal | Pink Stripey Socks Flashlight Walk | Bambini Travel Flash Dance Party | The Spruce

3. Make s’mores in the oven

For our s'mores in the oven we placed a few graham cracker halves on a cookie sheet, added the chocolate piece and Kraft Jett puffed marshmallow. We broiled them in the oven for a few minutes until the marshmallows were toasted, took them out the oven and topped it with the other graham cracker half. For the final touch I topped the s'more with a touch of icing and a few green sprinkles (see picture below). Yum!

For a simple & delicious S'mores Bake try this!

4. Tell your favorite stories or read camping themed books

S is for S’mores and Curious George goes camping are two awesome books for this theme!

Click here to check out all the Happy Camper partyware included in this bundle!

There is a great variety of fun with a campout at home, as adventurous or glamorous as you may want. This camp party truly offers a little bit of everything for the whole family! Be sure to share your at home camping trip with us 😊

IG, FB, Pinterest: @adorncelebration

Guest Blogger: Ashley Rivera, talented craft & food creator, teacher and mom

IG: @ashleyn.rivera

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