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Boho & Good Vibes Only

High vibrations and good vibes have been the thing everyone is talking about lately. Can't blame them, positive vibes are infectious. If this is your kind of thing, this soiree is perfect for manifesting positive vibes only. This boho chic party set up is perfect for all ages and occasions, from a chic first birthday, to a bridal shower and beyond.

Bright, floral, rustic and perfectly chic. When my business partner and I first curated this party bundle, we didn't know exactly what to name it, all I could think of at first was brightness and joy because that's what it made me feel, but ultimately my partner named it boho chic, and we both agreed this name offered a perfect combination of flower power hippie vibes with chic sophistication.

Table Setting and décor:

Setting the table is easy with our curated party bundle. We include all essential items for an intimate party. During our Adorn photoshoot for this bundle, we thought bohemian floor seating would be a perfect fit for the vibe. The additional personal rustic elements added the finishing touches needed for the vibe, such as the print pillows, small wooden crates, meditation seat, teepee, and dream catchers. We couldn't forget the burning sage to set good intentions for our little party. Similarly, you can use items in your home to complete the look - pillows, wooden materials, outside rugs and woven baskets adds that rustic dimension that is so popular nowadays.

Boho Chic Soiree

Food & Drink:

For starters: A charcuterie board would fit perfectly with this boho party. Even if you have never arranged a charcuterie board, I promise it's easy. Gather all your favorite snacks in one platter, preferable a wooden one to keep the rustic vibe going. Think cheese, crackers, bruschetta, veggies, hummus, nuts and fresh or dried fruits. Add a variety of colors and voila! It's easier than you may think.

A salad bar could also be a great fit, especially for those health conscious guests. Try a standard yummy Greek salad with all the toppings.

Main course: For the main dish some delicious chicken or veggie skewers sound great paired with farro rice or lemony couscous.


Chicken Kabobs

Farro rice


Let's bring the punch bowl back! It’s fairly easy to arrange and not so much maintenance as serving a drink one by one. If you are hosting you don't want to end up bartending all day. White sangria anyone or maybe a sage, vodka lemonade? Here are some recipes to inspire your punch bowl.

White Sangria

Sage Hard Lemonade


See this is not only perfect for a get together, this is manifesting all good things. New beginnings in whatever form, enjoy your day in the sun flower child and may all your deepest intentions come true.


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