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7 Perfect Halloween Eats & Treats!

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

This post was originally posted on 2020 but really how much has changed from last year to 2021. Some may argue not much, but all we can control is our attitude.

I try my best to keep a positive attitude, but this year has definitely pushed me to the limits. This year, Halloween falls on a weekend. At first I thought, What sad irony, but then (my positive side kicked in)…You know what though? I do realize I have more to be thankful for than not, and the anticipation of the end of year holidays, which is kicked off by Halloween, is bringing some joy to my life. I thought, Why not make lemonade out of lemons?

Since my childhood, I’ve always adored Halloween. The concept of people (aka Adults) voluntarily buying candy and giving it away for free to strangers, of course on the condition that you are wearing a costume and say “Trick or Treat”, has always boggled my mind. That type of sweet generosity warms my heart (yes, cheesy pun intended).

Quarantine Halloween Party! with your “Quaran-Team” because bigger is not necessarily better, especially this year (I will not speak of the virus which will remain nameless).

Setting the mood

First, you will probably want to figure out what type of party you want to throw, like legit scary or just fun and spooky. Personally, I would go for scary; my dream would be to have a cool Haunted House one day - the kind that makes you pee a little in your pants (don’t judge me, hahaha).

Then, check out Adorn collections for some of their cute seasonal party bundles with plates and decorations to keep with the theme. My personal fave is their Sugar Skull soiree.

Food and drinks to make your party pop!

Now this is where I get really excited. Halloween themed party food is my favorite! Here are 7 Halloween food and drink ideas to inspire a Creepy Cool Quarantine Halloween party.

1. Spooky Halloween 7 Layer Dip

One of my favorite things has been to make a 7 layer bean dip on a large round serving platter (pick one up at 99 cent store for cheap) and make sure to have “orange” cheddar cheese as the 2nd to last layer and place the olives (chopped) to make a Jack O Lantern face on top, or even to create a spider web with the olives. Here is a link to one example that makes a creepy cool spider design with sour cream on guacamole instead.

2. Pumpkin Dip

For a sweet appetizer alternative, I have had some rave reviews on this pumpkin dip made with cool whip, cream cheese, sour cream and of course, pumpkin.

3. Halloween Bark

Halloween bark is a fun festive treat made with Halloween candy and other snack items.

Pinterest has some great examples so search for the type you think would speak to your taste buds. Let me just say, Oreos covered with chocolate is addictive.

4. Pumpkin Cookies

These pumpkin cookies are to die for; the picture is from when I made them 2 years ago. Delicious! I must have eaten half a dozen that week because I made them 2 times; they were so good. The recipe is here:

5. Bloody Punch

This bloody punch is for all, kids included! This drink is a fun and simple way to creep up the party. If you don’t have a punch bowl, I highly suggest a plastic drink or glass drink dispenser from Amazon or even, Home Goods or Costco. Pop in some ice, ginger ale or 7up, and either frozen concentrate (I like grape or fruit punch) or some regular bottled juice. I am sure you could make some Shirley Temples and just add some grenadine. I like to add some plastic eyeballs in the bowl to keep it spooky. Here is a site for a kid version and alcoholic option as well.

6. Mummy Hot Dogs in a Blanket

An easy favorite for the kids and adults are Mummy hot dogs in a blanket. Buy the hot dogs of your choice, a couple Pillsbury crescent roll cans and condiments you might enjoy. Cut the crescents into thin strips and wrap them around your dogs. Then pop them in the oven at the temperature listed on the can. You can cook the hot dogs before but I find they heat up just fine when the crescent roll dough bakes. Aren’t they cute?!

7. Spider Web Cupcakes

Last but not least, a party is not complete without cupcakes or dessert. Even if your Halloween party has plenty of candy in bowls, these cupcakes are easy and fun to make with the kids. Cool thing is that there are so many great ideas on the internet if you want another spooky idea so have fun!

Pair this fabulous food with your favorite local pizza and you complete your meal. Hope you all got some inspiration for this Halloween!

Stay safe!

Anna Silva - Guest Blogger

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Behavior Analyst

Comical, fun, caring, & giving

Amazing party planner, host & decorator

Baker by Night

***STAY TUNED for our next blog: Spooky Fun Crafts & Activities for your 2020 Halloween celebrations!

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