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5 Fun Game Night Ideas for ALL Ages

Game night doesn't just have to mean board games. Here are 5 fun games that will keep your guests entertained & coming back for more.

  1. Musical Charades: Here is a classic game that's fun for all ages. All you need are pens, small pieces of paper, and a cup. For those unfamiliar with the game you separate the group into two teams. Each person writes a topic of choice on a piece of paper and folds it up. All members place their pieces of paper in the cup. When it is time to play one member from one team draws a piece of paper and has a minute to act out what they see in the paper. Absolutely no talking allowed! If their team guesses it correctly they receive a point. You can select a variety of topics such as songs, movies and or famous people. But I think songs are particularly fun to ACT OUT. You can select a specific genre and or decade such as 80’s or 90’s songs. It really doesn't matter if the younger folk are unfamiliar with the song, they can still act out the words. The losing team has to lip sync a song of choice from the winning team. Everyone must participate.

  2. Pin the sticker: Easy ice breaker game. All you need are stickers of different colors and shapes. Don't use cheap ones as they will fall off easily. Each guest gets 10 stickers . The objective of the game is to get rid of your stickers. The only way to get rid of them is to pin them on other guests without them immediately noticing. Subtlety is key. If the another guest notices you placing the sticker on them, they get to place two stickers on you. But they must notice in the moment NOT after. Make sure everyone is okay with light touching.

  3. Marshmallow telephone: Another simple ice breaker game is to play telephone with a twist. Have guests place large marshmallows in their mouths. Ask guests a simple question, such as What is your favorite movie? They repeat the question and whisper the answer to the next guest who proceeds to give it to the next person. Let’s see what the answer becomes! Simple and delicious.

  4. Playing card games: Cards are so versatile. You can play multiple games with just one deck. Here is my favorite for groups, SPOONS! All you need is playing cards and spoons. A large table should be available to accommodate at least 8 guests. Spoons are essentially musical chairs, only the music stops when the first guest finds the first 4 of one kind.

  5. Team obstacles: Always a hit for a grand finale once people have become comfortable with one another. Separate guests into two teams. Explain obstacles and have guests each participate by passing some kind of baton. Obstacles can include drinking a beverage of choice then flipping a cup, passing a baton, having the next two guests wheelbarrow several feet away, the next guest would lift golf balls with mittens into a basket, and the next guest would use a water gun to shoot cans down. Finally, you finish the obstacle with another whole team round of flip cup. Let the hilarity ensue.

We would love to feature your game night ideas in our blog. Let Adorn know some of your favorite Game Night routines! Tag us on Instagram @adorn_life_celebrations with your Game Night ideas.

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