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4 Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts with Kids

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays you expect your kids to come home with lots of crafts from school or daycare. But as we all know, this year will be different as many kids are enrolled in virtual learning. But here is a way to incorporate fun Valentine's crafts at home that are easy too.

1. Cupid’s Arrows

I’ve always been a fan of felt so I knew I wanted to do felt crafts with my kids. So easy to work with and you can use hot glue on it like no other. (Side note, I made 4 Halloween costumes with felt and hot glue one year).

What you need: felt (colors of your choice), felt stickers (optional), paper straws, hot glue, cotton balls (optional)

Begin cutting heart shapes with the felt and triangular strips if you want the traditional arrow look. The bottom of the middle cupid’s arrow shown in the picture is made with 4 hearts hot glued together on the straw – my daughter’s idea😊 And that one stands!

The hearts on the tops of the 2 cupid’s arrows on the end were made with felt stickers – super easy. I got 1 pack with 100 heart felt stickers from Michael’s for a few dollars. We found these awesome gold & white striped paper straws from the 99 cent store (12 for $1). My little lady also came up with the butterfly heart for her cupid’s arrow. The middle heart was not a sticker; it was cut out felt stuffed with cotton balls and hot glued to seal. These are fun for pretend play and Valentine’s Day table décor.

2. Magical Heart Wands

The Magical Heart Wands have similar materials as cupid arrows with some added glitz and glam.

What you need: felt (colors of your choice), felt stickers (optional), paper straws, hot glue, glitter glue, pom poms (optional), ribbon/yarn (optional), heart/pearl embellishments (optional)

Cut heart shapes or choose felt stickers desired. Have your kids pick out the materials they want for their wand. You may want to make yours ahead of time for an example. Make the hearts with glitter first and let them dry for a few hours or overnight. When the glitter glue has dried, stick or glue all heart embellishments. The turquoise heart was not a sticker so it was hot glued. For ours each side had a different color combination and design. Have fun with this.

For the bottom you can place 3 heart stickers on the bottom of each side, and then add a pom pom with hot glue to each side (as shown in the picture above). Lastly, tie a ribbon for added flair. These wands can also be used for pretend play and look great in a jar on a table for decoration.

3. Paper Heart Wreaths

See materials needed and instructions from One Little Project.

The kids loved working with the stapler, and even played around with different shapes like the very colorful wreath shown below (on the right). We cut the paper strips with a paper cutter, which the kids also enjoyed using. For our ribbons we stapled the middle like directed and then we used a glue stick to attach the hearts to one another. Just press together after gluing with the glue stick and allow at least 10 minutes to dry before hanging. In terms of the ribbon for hanging, I actually hot glued it after creating the wreath. Either way works – stapled in the instructions or hot glue. Hang on your front door, wall or in your kids’ rooms!

4. Jar of Hearts

The kids really enjoyed this activity because they really got to make it their own.

I saw this idea on Pinterest, (originally from and thought how cute, simple, and useful.

What you need: jars (e.g., mason jars or ones shown purchased at the 99 cent store), different color paper, thread or thin string, tape, glue stick, scissors/heart hole punch

First, my kids chose their paper colors and made hearts. They loved using the heart hole punch. It was our first time having one, and it was definitely a fun tool – worth the $14 from Amazon. We still have lots of hearts left over we can use to adorn the table or door 😊

While my kids were occupied making hearts, I cut paper circles for each jar to stick on the jar lid from the inside since it was clear and would show the tape we would use to affix the hearts. I wrote each of their names on the circle paper and fit it in the circular space from inside the jar lid. The names were face up to see from the outside of the jar. No adhesive necessary because it fit snug.

Next I guided them in cutting different size hearts for variation when the hearts hung. Because their jars were smaller, we picked 2-4 hearts, and then I cut the thread different lengths so the hearts hung at different lengths.

For the solid hearts (no hole in the middle), we glued two hearts on each side of the string and taped the top of the strong to the jar lid (from the inside). For the hearts with a hole in the middle I tied a double knot around the top of the heart and taped the other side to the lid. My daughter (age 5) is a creative boss so she did her own taping; she didn’t want to use glue.

With these already festive jars we did not need to adorn the outside but my kids wanted to add heart butterflies. Yes, the one with a taped butterfly at the top is my daughter’s. I hot glued the orange butterfly to the side of the lid per my son’s instructions, and I made sure the lid could still open.

That’s it – simple, fun, and a great opportunity for kids and adults to get creative together. We also plan to add fairy lights inside the jars to be a night light for the kids' rooms.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Be sure to tag us if you use any of these ideas @adorncelebration and follow for more fun ideas and party inspiration.

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